cause on fifa 15

You've missed my point... I couldn't care less about streamlining career mode or other mode when any times saved by presentation is lost in functionality. To create a team how I want it in PES takes the rest and provides double customisation.

Functionality is way more important than presentation.

Appears like player form has returned I in CM with all the arrows in by the player. I must say i do hope it doesn't screw up form like they did a couple of years ago were players converted into freaks of nature after three or four good games and their stats went through the roof. They want a much more conservative system of improving players that are in form rather than just spike all of their stats, but stats which might be relevant to the members position and ability. Nothing worse the developing a player showcase a global class defensive performance only reserved for these phones supply him with rise in skill unrelated to his performance similar to they are doing in FUT right now. Center Midfielders especially understand this weird treatment after they score goals and acquire an inform all their stats get increased even if these people deserved them.

Looks nice, but would you like functional?

Konami has always stood a better method of managing ans saving formations., I was surprised FIFA is performing it exactly the same.

...also, looks won't mean something in my opinion if your menus lag again. 13 were the laggiest menus yet. Was www.fifa4buy.com real horrible experience to be scrolling with all the d-pad, hit a button, hear the button noise, then realize you needed to press the button again (and hear another button press noise) before the button worked. Such an awful thing for a really massive game at a massive studio.

would it be just me who sees the form on the website?great to see that, hopefully it's going to acutally mean something, cause on fifa 15 players which in fact had their form bar full would certainly dip in form in the next game for no reason... just randomly.