is able to regenerate and regrow Buy Fifa 14 Coins but the process

is able to regenerate and regrow Buy Fifa 14 Coins but the process isvery slow, explains project leader Henry, from Heriot-WattUniversity in Edinburgh. If you can find living pieces of coraland cluster them together, you can speed up that process and repairthe reef.

By searching the wreckage of the reef for still-living pieces ofcoral, and collecting them together, Coral-bots may in the futurebe able to undo some of the damage that has been done to reefs.They could be deployed in areas known to be badly affected bytrawling, or in the aftermath of a hurricane.

This is something that's currently done on by hand, for exampleby the Fragments of Hope coral nurseries in Belize. However, the timerequired and limitations associated with diving make it difficultto scale up: You have tropical reefs that have been damaged overmany kilometres, says Henry. Automating the repair processcould allow conservationists to rebuild damaged reefs on a scalenever before seen.

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