The Last President Of France Revealed His Disgrace In His New Book


According to his autobiography, in 1951, 19-year-old Jacques Chirac was admittied to Sciences Po. During this period, he met in history class his current wife, then 18-year-old pretty girl Bernadette Chauderon de Courcel, who was born in France mayor de Courcel family.What is the Best For this Year? Blue monster energy hats Absolutely!

Although the two young men fell in love at the first sight, Chirac did not leave a good first impression on Bernadette's parents for his not so mature. However, Bernadette did not pay attention on this, and engaged with handsome Chirac without telling her parents. What is unexpected, however, is that in his autobiography, the section Every step should be targeted said that in 1953, when studying in the summer course at Harvard Business School, he, 20 years old then, should completely have disregarded the romance with Bernadette. He fell in love with a "southern belle" named Florence Herlihy and kept it from his girlfriend. Florence, with golden hair and blue eyes, was a beautiful 18-year-old girl. Growing up in a wealthy family, she often drove a white Cadillac luxury convertible, and called the young handsome Chirac honey child so closely.christian louboutin shoes Rule for Winter 2010

Chirac wrote, "At that time we have developed to the situation that we can not live without each other. Drew Barrymore Guide You Various Trend Bible to Preserve red bull hats I was telling a lie if I said I was intended to abandon this affair.Though I was in a relationship with a young girl in the far Paris Political Academy at the same time. We began to negotiated our marriage soon, although I had agreed engagement with Bernadette. However, due to the opposition of our parents. In that September, Chirac had to cut off the thread of love reluctantly with Herlihy.

A few month later, he engaged with Bernadette formally. In 1956, 23-year-old Bernadette married one year older Jacques Chirac. The truth proved that she indeed to decern eye for discovering able people.Soon after the marriage, Chirac admitted to study in the national school for the French specialized traning of government officials.

In his study period, he began to cut a figure. He started as an assistant audit in Court of Auditors. He had made a smashing hit until he became French president in 1995. It was well known that Chirac and Lady Bernadette had married for 53 years and they had two daughters. The 47-year-old younger daughter Claude was her father's right hand in politic, while the 51-year-old older daughter Laurence had never appeared in public together with her families.

The biography "Every step should be targeted" discloses that Laurence has suffered from anorexia since the age of 15. She had tried to commit suicide for many times over the years and have to accept long-term isolation nursing. As the chief of state, Chirac have power that others are unable to match. As a father, he felt completely helpless about his eldest daughter's anorexia. Even more too worried, in recent years Laurence suicidal tendency is more and more serious, so that the couple of Chirac have had to arrange for her dedicated nurses, a 24-hour care and custody of her.

Chirac recalls, in his autobiography, during the time of being the minister of France's Agriculture Department, since he was really so busy, he left all the two daughters to his wife. A day in the summer of 1973, 15-year-old Laurance fell a high fever suddenly, and refused to eat. According to the preliminary diagnose, doctor thought it as the preliminary symptom of aplsitia.

Later, after the consultation of several specialists, they think the symptom of Laurent has a relationship with her father. Since then, Laurance committed suicide for several times. In 1990, she jumped from the forth floor of her house in Paris, but fortunately she survived.